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Conflict or Co-operation?

Conflict or Co-operation?


We are learning about World Wars in our Creative Curriculum and are studying both conflict and co-operation in these significant periods in History.

We've been lucky enough to interview some people about their childhood in WWII!

Take a look at some of our learning in this topic!


Have a read of Fynn's WWI diary:

November 26, 1915

Dear Diary,

It was cold today; I was frozen this morning and I couldn’t feel my feet for the whole day! The trenches were terribly slippery but we could handle it by digging our boots into the floor - or should I say stream. I hope the rain stops because it is eating into our spirits.

I’m getting good at distracting myself in hours of boredom… sometimes I imagine our little girl. What is she is like now? She cannot imagine how much I miss her…

* * *

Boredom was interrupted by fear- I took my turn at shooting. Although I am a good shot, it was still nerve-racking. When I took my first shot, it was on target but then I felt immediate regret flood my body; they were probably just trying to save their wife and family as well! War is cruel but you just have to overcome your fears because our enemy cannot continue to devour other nations.

* * *

We are holding fire now, waiting for our enemy to approach. The trenches are horrible. You can get trench foot from the downpours and constantly wearing soggy boots - if it’s really bad they threaten to cut…no! It is not worth thinking of! I will ignore the rats and pray. God keep us safe – how I long to see our little girl again…


We started the year off by playing team games - we had to overcome conflicts to work co-operatively!

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