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History is an important part of the curriculum at St Paul's. 


The children at our school have the opportunity to learn about a variety of different historical periods and study world history as well as the fascinating history of our local area. 


Our curriculum allows history to be taught in an exciting and engaging way as history topics are often linked to many different areas of the curriculum, such as the arts. 


The children at St Paul's are also very fortunate to take part in trips to historical sites and have expert workshops in school which help bring history to life!


Keep checking this page to see all the wonderful things that happen in our history learning! 


History Home Learning 


Please find some useful information and great links to support your history learning at home. 


Why not spend some time researching and learning about a period of history that has always fascinated you? Or take some time to learn even more about a period of history that you have learnt about in school! Is there something that you didn't learn that you wished you had? 


Why not use this opportunity to create a history project at home? You could make a presentation, a project or a scrapbook to show off your fantastic learning! 


Useful Websites:


Miss McCallum's History Home Learning Challenge! 


History is full of lots of inspiring people and huge events, but it is also filled with weird and wonderful facts that shock, confuse and give us a good old giggle! 


Each week I will set you all the challenge to find me the strangest fact you can about a different time period in history. So have a look and see what you can discover! Please email me on 2Email, on Purple mash, with your fact and a link to where you found it for your chance to feature on this page. 


Stay tuned to find out some weird historical facts!  


This week's historical time period for you to find a fact about is: The Victorians

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