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Making Canopic Jars

Canopic jars were used by the Ancient Egyptians during the mummification process to store and preserve the organs of their owner, ready for the afterlife. The only organ that would be left in the body would have been the heart. The Ancient Egyptians believed that at the end of their life, their heart would be weighed against a feather and if it was heavier, they would not reach the afterlife. If the heart was too heavy, it meant that the owner had not lead a good life.


Canopic jars were commonly either carved from limestone or were made of pottery.


We made the top of our jars by moulding clay to the lid of a glass jar. Many of us moulded the clay in the shape of a jackal to represent Anubis, the god of mummification and the afterlife. Then, we tea-stained paper to replicate the pottery used and added our own message in hieroglyphics.

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