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RE Theme Day - Sikhism Day

Our RE Theme day began with an assembly by Mr Singh to share with the children about different aspects of Sikhism. He shows that he is thankful and grateful by using his hands to do good things, by always speaking the truth, by being grateful for each breath he takes and saying thank you. He told us that the light within us shines and makes us special. 

Reception children learned about the Gurdwara which is a place to learn. During a workshop for Early Years, Mr Singh showed us different parts of the Gurdwara or temple through the use of story and puppets. We learned that to enter the Gurdwara, you must cover your head, take your shoes off and wash your hands.  

Later in the day, the children built the Gurdwara using blocks and created their own drawn representation of the temple using photographs, focussing on the different shapes in their design.