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Year 6

Friday 3rd April


Good morning everyone,

Well done for having such a productive week 2 of home learning! It's been lovely to hear from lots of you via email and I am also missing us all being together in class as normal. 

I have had to learn how to cook over the last week or two which I had managed to put off for nearly 30 years!!! I've also been doing some more reading so going through all of your alternative book reviews from World Book Day has been helpful – I am going to start with the class’ Michael Morpurgo collection and see how many I can get through before we return.

I have been so impressed with your market research into popular chocolate products (it made me hungry to read about them) and David Attenborough would be proud of all of the work you have done looking at animal adaptations. I am currently re-watching his 'Planet Earth II' on Netflix which is all about animals adapting to their environment - it's worth a watch over the Easter break if you haven't seen it. Well done to all of you who have managed to tick off some writing targets already and for completing some really tricky revision in Maths!

Unfortunately, Mrs Walker has been poorly this week and is at home resting. When she is back to normal, I am sure she will be sending an email to you all. Until then, keep her in your thoughts and prayers and have a good old dance around your house for her!

The Easter holidays officially start at 1:30pm today so make sure you take a well-deserved break. I won't be putting up work on the website or Purple Mash, but explore the games and activities on there if you're feeling bored. They have a movie-maker app just calling out for you to make some lego movies on!

So...I will leave you for a couple of weeks with not one, but TWO videos! The first is a song that I heard this week for the first time in ages and it reminded me of you all - it's also a great one to belt out when doing school work!

And finally, because it's tradition...


To you and your families, have a wonderful Easter break!

Miss Smyth



Dear Year 6,

How are you? I hope you have had a good week at home.

Firstly, well done with completing the home learning 2dos. You are all doing really well.

Secondly, I don’t know about you, but I have found it more difficult this week to be motivated and disciplined with regards to the work that needed to be done. It has taken extra effort to keep on track, so well done if you have managed to do so.

I have found that it has also been tempting to ‘forget’ to tune in to Joe every day, so again, a big well done if you have. Team Thomas have overcome and conquered these sneaky thoughts and have in fact managed to participate every day. Go us. 😊 I hope that you too have stories to share of how you have conquered and persevered this week. Be proud of yourselves.

Lastly, this week I decided to end every day by thinking of things that I was grateful and thankful for during that day. I have found that naming even the small things like the way that bird was singing in the tree as I sat on my bench outside my house, or the way that the guinea pigs just squeaked when I opened the fridge thinking that I was going to give them a green bean, or that act of kindness that the girls just did, or the quick chat over the garden fence with the neighbour have helped my heart and my whole being to be more peace-filled. Perhaps this is something you could try as we head into our Easter break?


Happy Friday everyone. Take good care of yourselves and your families.

Mrs Thomas


Friday 27th March


Good morning everyone - it’s been a very quiet week without you all! I even had my first ever ‘working from home’ day as a teacher which was most odd!

Well done for all of your hard work and persevering with Purple Mash even when it was crashing. I’ve been particularly impressed with the maths revision slideshows and the online safety leaflets you’ve produced.

I have uploaded the work for the coming week below. Take a good look and come up with a timetable of what to do each day. Remember to keep proof reading your work – Purple Mash may not spellcheck your work but you should still be doing this. I will be emailing you each your new writing targets for the Summer term. Use these to guide you with what you should be including in your writing.

Keep in touch via 2Email – I do love hearing from you even if it is to ask a question about the work.

Keep smiling, working hard and helping out around the house. I am missing you all lots!

Miss Smyth


PS. I have now branched out from just watching parrot videos on YouTube! This is my new favourite video– where do I get a pet penguin?


Dear Year 6,

I hope that you have been keeping well this week. It has been strange not to see you all. Have you managed to be outside (self-isolating of course) to enjoy some of the lovely weather we’ve had? The sunshine has made it a whole lot easier to be stuck at home.

So, who has been doing the Joe Wicks workouts at 9am everyday? The Thomas household missed Monday’s session, but we have completed all since. My legs are now a bit achy! It has been fun though and I can highly recommend it to get you motivated each day if you haven’t yet tuned in to Joe on Youtube.

As well as working out with Joe, I have spent time this week looking through lots of the Purple Mash resources and reading interesting articles and books. I hope that you have managed to have some down-time as well as working hard on all the school 2Dos.

Well done for all that you have achieved this week. Take good care of yourselves and your families.

Mrs Thomas


Hello, hello everyone!

Just a quick message to say that I’m missing you all – last Friday seems like a long time ago for our goodbyes. At least we can all enjoy being with our families and the Spring weather that we have been blessed with!

I hope you’re taking care of yourselves and each other and using your time creatively – be artistic, get outdoors in the garden and enjoy spending time with one another.

Lots of Love,

Mrs Walker


(PS. I still haven’t found Mr Brad Pitt yet. If anyone comes across him, let him know I’m looking for him!)


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