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Walk on Water

Now Press Play

Today we had an amazing experience in now press play as we travelled back in time to the Second World War. We experienced what life was like during this horrid war.We got to feel the terrifying feeling of getting told that the Second World War had commenced and the sad experience of leaving your parents behind in London where they could easily get killed by the horrid Nazis. We also felt the feeling of being stuck in the countryside, missing our parents while being treated like slaves. Our masters treated us horribly until, 6 months later, the BBC news declared that as there had not been a single bomb dropped on London since the war was declared, we were allowed return home. 3 years later, the sirens for an air raid went off. Little did we know, our most exiting yet terrifying experience was about to commence. We had to run into an air raid  shelter as the sirens rang on. Savagely, we went half deaf, as a bomb dropped directly onto our air raid shelter. We had to run to the underground station, and naughtily, as we were not allowed to, snuck past the guards into the station onto the platforms to spend the night there. The next day we returned home to hear that the war was over! That was the end of our terrific experience! It was absolutely stunning, and from actually experiencing it, we leant a lot more than we would have if we just did a PowerPoint. By Charlie F