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Well-Being Champions

Meet our Well- Being Champions!

Welcome to our Well-Being Champions page!

Meet our fabulous Well-Being Champions this year who were elected by their classes to help us improve the well-being of the children and staff at St Paul's.



Here at St Paul's we are proud to be a healthy school. Our children's and staff's health and well-being is at the heart of our school life. 


St Paul's Well-Being Champions are children from year 1 to year 6, who help to reinforce and develop aspects of health and well-being. We meet regularly and the children are involved in obtaining the views and ideas of our children and also feeding back to them work we are doing in relation to health and well-being.


The Well-Being Champions help to develop the '5 Ways to Well-Being' in our school. The '5 Ways to Well-Being' are:




Here’s a lovely Mindfulness activity you could do to help you take notice:

  • When you go out for your daily walk spend 5-minutes talking about what you see, hear, smell and feel.
  • Imagine you are on a safari, looking for animals that crawl, fly or walk, listening for sounds, and feeling the weather.
  • You have to be quiet and alert.
  • Turn on your “super-senses”.
  • Pay attention to what’s around you: What can you see? What can you smell? What can you hear? How do you feel?
  • Your will notice a whole new world, just by paying attention!


The Well-Being Champions:

  • Look after the outdoor reading and writing boxes for children who want to be involved in a calm activity at lunch time
  • Have helped to organise activities for Children's Mental Health week
  • Have designed posters to promote healthy packed lunches



Growth Mindset

The Well-Being Champions helped to develop Growth Mindsets and child-friendly tools and  language that we can use in school. All classes now have posters in their classes that they refer to on a daily basis - The growth mindset 'steps', The 5 B's, Be Like The Bear Cub, The Secrets of Success and "I can't do it YET!":and this term the Well-Being Champions discussed whether they are being used well or whether classes need reminders to refer to these. We also began to discuss ways that the 5 Ways to Well-Being could be introduced in school.





Children's Mental Health Week 2023

The theme this year was 'Let's Connect'. The children spent time talking about what mental health is, the 5 Ways to Wellbeing and carrying out activities that encouraged them to connect with others.


Wellbeing Wednesday Club

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 have had fun on a Wednesday lunchtime with Mrs Wilson carrying out activities linked to the 5 Ways to Wellbeing - mindfulness colouring, Just Dance routines, playing board games with their friends and making cards for someone they care about!