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Book Week



The Masked Reader

To celebrate World Book Day on Thursday 4th March, St. Paul's has launched 'The Masked Reader'!


The videos of the masked readers from our school community were displayed on Google Classroom. Could YOU work out who they were? Each day in whole school collective worship, one masked reader was revealed.


This year the focus was all things non-fiction. Children brought in their their favourite non-fiction books from recipes, to war-time diary accounts to sports reports and shared these with their class.

The teachers brought in some of their favourites to share with other classes and at lunchtime, a book swap enabled many of us to find a brand new read for free!



Book week was a great success.

The author Jenny Ford came to visit, sharing her expertise with the Key Stage 1 and 2 children. She spoke about her experiences as an author - how she writes, what she writes and why she writes. She read extracts from her books and explained how she came up with the ideas, theories and characters.

From Jenny's inspiration, the children wrote short stories and made pop-up books.

On Book Day, the children dressed up as a mythical animal, a theme from Jenny's books.