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Feeling Good Week

We have been thinking about different ways to help ourselves and each other feel good this week. The Health Committee, with the support of Mrs Wilson, created some ideas that they thought might help us all to feel good!


*The 'I'm Feeling Good' Bucket - than you to all of the children that nominated someone who has helped them to feel good, not just this week but always! If you were nominated then well done for being such a wonderful role model!


*Scooters - who doesn't feel good when they're riding a scooter? Doing exercise helps us to feel good in lots of different ways. Perhaps you could do this at home more to help you to feel good!


*Mindfulness - from colouring to relaxing music and breathing techniques e have been trying different mindfulness activities this week. These help us to feel positive and focused.


*Circle Time - this week out PSHE lessons have been focused on wellbeing and thinking of different ways that we can look after our bodies ad our minds by being active, learning, giving, connecting, noticing and caring. During our circle time sessions we thought about what makes us feel good and how we could help someone that is feeling worried.


We did lots more throughout the week so have a look at the different class pages to see what they did. Hopefully we can use what we have learnt not just for Feeling Good Week but every week to help us to feel more positive and to learn more!